Friday, January 14, 2011

Mondo catch up

Ok so from the 16th to the 20th of December I was in Taupo with C horse and we had a bit of a disaster. The first class was the 1.10m and she had two rails but felt unbelievably average and very flat, she just wouldn't/ couldn't hold her canter together. The problem being of course that she just doesn't hold her fitness at all, and even in a week off with lose fitness. So with the travelling and everything I guess she was actually just tired. The next day was the amateur and it was one of the bigger tracks. She was sticky through the first combination and then stopped at the combination at number 7. Rather than have a fight about it I opted to retire and accidently taught C-horse a new trick.

The next day I had in a 1.10m class and it was a nice small 1.10m and she was starting to feel fresh again but again she stopped at the double, because retiring her the day had taught her an out. I wish she was a bit dumber sometimes. So over to the practice ring they had running and lots and lots of jumping down the combination, with some use of the stick especially when she backed off it the first time round even though it was only 80cm. She was jumping really well otherwise and felt good and keen, just didn't want to jump the combination. Then the final day we were clear in the 1m class and I left it at that.

So after that we didn't have another show until 8th and 9th of Jan, when we went over to Danniverke. I was going to scratch and had only decided to go after a little jump around on the Wednesday because she felt so good. Again she was in the 1m and she jumped really super. Full of beans and confidence and wanting to do the job, which is great. Jumped a clear round and put the hammer down in the jump-off and was second in that class out of about 50. The next day we did the 1.10m and again she was clear and again I went for it in the jump-off and came in fifth out of around 50 again so I couldn't have been more rapt. Especially with how confident she was in and through the doubles. I did get a bit of a hard time for being a pot hunter in the mighty metre but it needed to be done to make sure the stopping issue was fixed and then once you are in the jump-off and there is money to be had, you should go. Second show this season when I won back my entries. Booyah.

Kate is recovered from her sprain and starting to work quite well. In my sadness at Taupo I had some retail therapy and brought her a gorgeous figure 8 bridle that really pretties her up. Bill is also coming a long really nicely. Rascal is improving but I might turn her out until hunting and focus on the other three because I really need to get Bill out and I do struggle getting them all worked.

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  1. 2nd and 5th?! Nicely done. I'm glad you overcame the stopping issue--sometimes it's not so fun to have a smart horse.

    As for the retail therapy, I do it all the time... I'm currently selling some of my old stuff to pay for my new stuff. Yay.