Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bills Third Jumping session

This occurred before Horse of the Year so for my blog to appear in good chronological order you will have to wait to hear about HOY! Though I will let you know that it was very very hot and dusty.

So I got brave and bill had her third "jumping" session. She started poorly though when she took off over a little fence about two metres early and took a real flier. I was scared by this and she frightened herself a little bit too I think. But with a slower approach she learned that it's a lot easier to get right to the base and pop over.

I worked really hard on staying out of her way as much as possible and never catching her mouth and I feel like this was the most relaxed session she has had because I didn't get in her way. Every so often she would pop over a fence and I would be like yup there is a some real power here.

She was at all phased by the fences in whatever form they appeared, though they were all tiny. Soon she was trotting in, doing a tiny half canter stride and popping over the fence and cantering away really kindly and relaxed. I was pretty happy she was placing herself more at the base because she loves the long take-off and I want to knock that on the head quickly.

Still I couldn't have been happier with her. Now I really need to start getting her out and about more, have one jumping session a week and have her ready to stat next season :)


  1. Hey there .....good looking jump shots. Good to know the power is there.....might even see you both at HOY in a few years. Am keen to know how you went this year. I know what you mean about the dust. Wasn't it shocking!!!. I was watching the show hunter and working hunter rounds and had to leave because the dust was getting under my contacts. I have never been before and boy its one serious horsey environment with wicked shopping. I came home with a few good bargains so was thrilled. Hope you enjoyed your time and look forward to reading all about it

  2. Bill looks great. Bet you have oodles of fun with her!