Monday, March 7, 2011

Some people really really suck

A horrifying incident took place in the weekend, of the like I have never heard of happening at any show I have been at. Someone actually harmed a horse overnight. Squirt, who is a palomino showhunter horse, had creosote smeared (dabbed, poured, rubbed?? I don't know) on the left side of his face near his left eye. This has caused the horse facial burns, and when I walked past him at the vets truck in the morning I noted the horse with a sore swollen weepy eye and face, but I didn't know what I was looking at until the rumour mill kicked in later that day.

What makes it even more sickening is that the horse had gotten a chemical burn the week earlier at Foxton, but the owner thought maybe he had come into contact with some sheep dip. Now, however, it looks like the horse may have been attacked earlier. Why you might ask. Apparently Squirt is currently third in the Showhunter High Points series and I guess someone else doesn't like that. The horse was treated and did compete that day though I think. It is going to get worse before it gets better I think.

The worse thing is that a crime like this is nearly impossible to find the guilty party, regardless of how much everyone thinks it's one individual. It's a tight knit community on the show circuit and definitely there are few people capable of this. Unfortunately, the chances are that there aren't any witnesses and without proof this person can never receive the life long ban that this person deserves. Even more maddening is that if there was a witness I doubt they would come forward because as someone said to me you then run the risk of your own horse being harmed. It's an ugly situation.


  1. i saw this on horsetalk, so disgusting that somebody could do this to a horse :(

  2. That's absolutely horrible, poor thing.
    The laws regarding animal cruelty aren't strict enough at all, especially in the UK. We had a terrible case here where over 100 horses were neglected and the owner just got a lifetime ban, whereas his wife and children got barely anything.

    I hope they find the criminals who did this to Squirt.

  3. I heard about that and wondered if you had seen anything. It's just sick and disgusting. Who attacks an innocent animal, especially over something as petty as show results?

  4. Really, really horrible! and a bit scary too. I hope they find the person/persons responsible for Squirts attack.

  5. Wasn't it an awful thing to happen. It has appeared in our local paper today and yesterday.Surely someone knows about it and has the guts to tell.I guess some people will go to any length to get up the leader board - very sick
    Hope you and your horses are all rested after the weekend