Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I had actually forgotten how much work young horses are lol. I have been spoilt by Connie and Kate but now that Bill is really starting to get worked I have been reminded just how tricky it is. Especially as she is a rather witchy and opinionated little Girl. She has been going so well though. Yesterday she had her first solo ride down the road and apart from moving in slow motion so she could take it all in she was really good. Very bold and confident.

Today everything got schooled. With breaks in between of course it was very hot! Kate feels off in her right fore again but worked through it. I wonder if she is getting tight in her back again. I hope not because she felt solid as three days ago. Once she worked through the shortness she actually worked really well. Connie was as per usual fabulous and tried quite hard to stay collected in her canter which she finds really difficult. I do love her to pieces when she is really good.

Bill is just starting to work on proper grown up horse schooling. Straightness and forwardness and roundness. On the right rein she is really really good and gave me some really nice trot work, forward and light on the contact but soft. She wants to fall in a lot though, so she is also learning that now she has to bend her body around the corners rather than motorcycle. She is quite hinky to the left and it's also my weaker direction riding. I had forgotten how one sided young horses can be! But she had some really nice moments and we even did some cantering where she used her butt as opposed to the bury your head and go really fast to compensate for different rider weight balance. Which is good because with her head buried and her big old butt power cantering I feel like I'm riding a slide!

Humming and hawing what classes I do at HoY. At the moment my first class out for both of them is the 1.20m and I might have a crack at it and then go down in height if it doesn't go well for the next days. The only way to get better at the 1.20ms and get over my fear of them, is to do them. Shouldn't be as big on the first day anyway, or as technical. We will see hey.


  1. Hey I am coming to the HOY so will cheer you on.Glad you are having some positive rides on your baby. I have all that to look forward to next year with two

  2. Young horses are always an adventure. Enjoy the show!