Saturday, April 30, 2011

Haircuts and hunting


Bill and Rascal both got clipped. I'd say yay but I hate the job. I even washed them, but Rascals coat was so thick I didn't even touch her rump dirt apparently and my blades are pretty blunt now. I had to try and do bill as well because she was sedated and it's expensive. Her coat though is not freaky dense and filthy, rather it's downy and long so my blades happily cut through her hair and she was by far the easiest to clip. She would be the horse I worry most about kicking or striking but she seemed to actually quite enjoy the clipping. Only protested when I did her cheekbones. Rascal was an absolute donkey around her head but I get her done and while she looks super smart and huntery with her roached mane I instantly regretted it when I got on at the hunt.


still there is a bit of a before story. I went out to Palmy with my little sister and fully embraced the binge drinking culture. So I woke up at 7.40am, knowing that the night before I had bet lots of people that I would go to the olympics. I told my sister I had to go home to ride Bill before hunting. I leapt of of bed yelling " you don't get to the olympics by being a pussy" And then fell over. Oops. Still drunk. Has to sober up before going anywhere.

So I was feeling really poorly when I got to the hunt- though 2 McChickens and some Mizone isotonics helped! Rascal was excited having hunted before and remembering how fun it was. It wasas I went to grab a handful of mane as I swung up that i regretted removing said mane and it felt really odd to be jumping spars and to just see my lonely little hands pressed into her naked crest. Still she was awesome to hunt and I was rapt with her, well as rapt as I can be feeling that poorly. rascal is living with my friend so we can hunt until Tru.ckie is fixed

Rode Bill tonight and it seems I clipped off the warmblood and left only the TB because she was hot hot and bucky when I worked her today. Was rapt with a few nice kind circles of trot and left it at that. I have started exercising and ran pretty far tonight and I have to say i'm starting to love the running. Just the solitariness of it, it's only the sound of my feet and breath and then the beat of the music. It's really centering. It's also a really good time to just think about stuff. I really feel like I'm getting a really strong sense of myself and my own worth again and thats really exciting and nice. I feel strong and capable again for the first time in ages. Life is the bomb

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  1. Haha, yep, being a pussy is no way to get to the Olympics. ;-) Good times.