Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nothing is happening

See title. Otherwise there would be lots and lots and lots of posts about all of the exciting things I had been doing with my horses. It's really not that time of year. Connie and Kate are paddocked away from the house in a paddock full of grass and hills and trees and have been running wild, without covers and they will soon have their shoes pulled. They called for the first few days but soon took to just ignoring me. On sunday, I knew a southerly was coming and that it would get very cold and wet so I went to cover the two wild ponies. They came when I called, bucking farting and neighing. And then they galloped away again and it took me about half an hour before they stopped running like loonies and let me rug them. Southerlies come from Antarctica so they freeze your very bones. They must be happy I persevered because it has been so wet and so cold for the last 5 days, they would have been very very miserable.

Truckie has also packed it in. I loaded Rascal to go to a hunt and then the hinges broke on the ramp so I unloaded her and had to shut the ramp with the tractor forks and lots of man power. That was a fortnight ago and I haven't been out since. I have had a few nice rides on her though and Bill has also been going really well though has had nearly a week off. So I can still hunt I'm going to board Rascal at a friends place, because hunting twice a week is fitness enough. Still it's an expense I could have done without. I have to get the horse going so I can sell her and she is bloody good fun to hunt.

I however have kicked off on an exercise program with the goal of getting both slimmer and fitter. It's been two weeks so far and I'm starting to get into the swing of things though my body thinks i'm totally nuts. I also tried coming off of my anti-depressants but after 3 weeks turning into a snarly grumpy crier and decided it wasn't really worth it and went back on and bam! functional human being again. It actually guts me that I need medication to feel normal but I guess what can you do. I'm really sad when I think of the years I wasted with a low grade depression before I went nuts and realised I needed help. Still life is a journey blah blah etc! I hope everyone is getting a lot more saddle time than I am! I'm really starting to miss it.


  1. I'm glad you're doing better. It takes a lot of maturity to go back on medication. I have some very close friends who struggle with depression, and it can be a terrible thing to deal with. You're doing great (from what I can tell through the internet on the other side of the world).

    Happy hunting!

  2. Winter sucks sometimes doesn't it? Hunting sounds fun though, shame I'm such a chicken LOL.
    Don't feel bad about taking your meds, I mean if you were a diabetic would you stop taking your insulin? Depression is an illness and sometimes it stems from the chemicals in your brain doing odd things. My mum has to stay on antidepressants she is 100% fine as long as she takes them. Dodgy brain chemicals are nothing to be ashamed of.