Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have had two hunts so far this season, one with Connie about 2 weeks ago and last weekend I took Rascal out. It was her first hunt and i didn't know how she would go but she was really awesome. She chipped into the first spar and kept her eye on it going over and did the same over the second and then jumped everything straight away including the little post and rail. The only time she made me cross was when she wouldn't move off of my right spur so I could close the gate. In fact we even shared a moment when we almost liked each other when I scratched her chin with the toe of my boot.

Rascal and I- we get to hunt over beautiful country

We went out after the hunt proper had left because we were on a bunch of babies. I ended up hunting than I intended to but she was coping so well. She was happy (grateful!!) to stop and stand quietly. If I trusted her a little more over the fences I would much prefer her to Connie who just thinks hunting is so cool she has super ants in her pants.

Kim on Connie and my friend on her maiden hunter

I had a surreal moment riding yesterday. I was riding Rascal around the hills and a fert plane was working the neighbours property. He was flying around our hill and I ended up being eye level with the pilot and we had a wave to each other. It's just strange to have a plane pass within 30m at your on height when you are on a horse. And Rascal seriosly! You are scared of a really white rock off by itself but you are totally cool with the aeroplane? You are a strange pony. Though I think I may be getting to the bottom of what makes Rascal tick. And thats contact and plenty of it. She seems to really like the security of a firm hand even if I don't like riding that way. It's completely removed the spook. Now she looks but she doesn't jump away. Odd pony.

There is a little show this weekend with 30cm up to 80cm classes I should really take bill too. Maybe if the weather is good. She is probably ready but I want another month of preparation! I'm a bit chicken. I'll jump her this weekend anyway because I need to add a few doubles and things.

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  1. Oh man, that sounds like heaps of fun and the plane moment was awesome! good luck for your comp.