Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kate goes to the Vet Again

Well despite the snow- which has turned into an ugly hideous cold wind associated sleet which is horrible- Kate got bundled up to go back to the vet to get her knee sorted out. For the record the lowest temperatures we had without wind chill was about- 1-2 degrees Celsius. I know thats cold for a lot of the world but thats about the coldest it ever gets here (Normally in a short term frost situation) and we were suffering. The snow is mostly gone now, just the stupid freezing sleet.

It was 3 degrees when I loaded Kate up to go to Bulls with a very bitter wind so it was pretty unpleasant. With Truckie being at the garage I had borrowed a float (two horse straight load trailer for the Americans) and I'm not sure she had ever been in one before so she was pretty hesitant about loading, but once she was on she traveled really well. When we got to the clinic it was 8 degrees and the sun was out. I was like 30 minutes early so Kate and I definitely enjoyed catching some rays.

She was fine on the trot-ups but showed mild lameness on the small circle. I'm not surprised it wasn't that bad because she has been getting next to no work in the last week with the weather. You always kind of worry you are being the over-doing it Mum and I think the vet maybe think she isn't stopping because of the knee. However, I know Kate and she is pretty genuine and I am actually a pretty good rider so I know that everything was ok like canter quality and take-off spot wise, so I can only think of pain as being way she is stopping. The knee has been injected with a type of cortisone which has a 6 week action and we will see if that works. He also gave me some bute so when I do a couple of jumping sessions on her, I can see how brave she is, knowing that pain is not a factor. She has such lovely manners. I just held some neck skin while he did the injection and she hardly flinched and then it was back home to the sleet.

I'll keep her boxed for 2 days and then she can go out and will start riding her again when I get back from this wedding I'm a bridesmaid at. Blurk. I'm so not the bridesmaid type. Hopefully it will work and I'll have old bold Kate back.


  1. Hope everything works out with Kate :)

  2. Fingers crossed that you have sorted Kate's issues and you will go on to have a glorious season!