Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Season looms

Unfortunately I have been away at a wedding in the South Island for a while. suffice to say I will never agree to be on the bridal party again, unless it's my sister. While it was nice to get away and the South Island was beautiful the event was so farcical and poorly managed it put me off for life. I guess a thank you would have been nice for leaving my horses while 2 and a half weeks out from the first show and during calving on the farm but there you go.

Regardless, like I say the season is bearing down on us at a rapid rate of knots. I don't feel ready at all. I'm especially torn about what classes I put the Kate in. I feel a bit chicken on her but you know, she can jump well so I shouldn't really worry. I rode her yesterday for the first time since her knee was done. I couldn't really gauge how sound she was because without work she isn't very lame anyway and the ground wasn't great. She felt very strong and keen and absolutely full of beans. A little bit lighter in condition than I would like but I have time to fix that.

So Connie, Rascal and Kate will do Pukahu in a few weeks and Fielding a fortnight later. Bill will start mid October because I don't have the time right now to get her show ready. Can you believe it's come around this quickly!! I want to run around flailing my arms going "I'm not ready I'm not ready I'm not ready" especially seeing as 90cm looks so freaking massive at the moment. 1.10m almost looks unjumpable again! Possibly worse to because last season I had like now expectations and now I have them. I still have time for everything to fall into place and a couple of jumping sessions and I'll remember what I'm doing I'm sure.

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  1. Weddings are a pain. I will advise any and all of my future children to elope. ;-)

    Your winter sure ends quickly...