Saturday, January 21, 2012

Horowhenua IA&P Show

So a great show to get back into the ring on. It was just a great show, the most fun I have had in ages. The knee wasn't painful internally but the breeches did rub it and make it weep and hurt at skin level so I was glad I was only riding for one day, it would have sucked to open it up a second day.

First class was a 1.10m class because I wanted to ease myself back into it. It was big enough though and a windy technical course. Certainly it caused a few problems but not too many. About 55 in the class and 24 in the jump-off. I started out a bit sticky. Didn't have enough canter and was getting a little deep and sticky to the fences but Connie is a good duck and helped me out even though it meant I added two strides in the double but in my defense it was quite long. After that I sorted my shit out and got a better ride to the rest of the course and she jumped really well and she was clear! Yay.

Now Connie is not fast, nor particularly nimble or catty, but she does have a ground covering stride, and she will jump where ever I put her. Jump-offs are not really her strength. Still I was going to give it a good crack. Good ride 1 and 2 nice and forward, tight turn back (She is good at these too) inside a couple of fences, jumped three on a steep angle, two strides in the double again but it meant I could turn back hard inside another fence. Jumped the swedish oxer nearly stand to stand the angle was so steep and then jumped the liverpool to the final fence in 5 big strides instead of 6 strides. It saves a second to leave out a stride. I ended up 5th which I was rapt with and only like 2 seconds behind the leader which I was impressed by. Good pony. Many kisses for her.

Then I had the amateur class. Had blown out the cobwebs by then, after a good talking to by a friend about my motives and enjoying myself I lightened up a bit and off we went. Had a much better ride. More forward and flowing and getting better distances and more in tune with the horse. Had a rail in the double when she hesitated in the middle and a rail somewhere else I don't actually know. I thought I had 1 rail. Still I was still sixth because I was the fastest with two rails which shows it was a tough enough track. Lester never builds easy, there is always a test or two. A great day. Very successful. I'm so lucky to have that horse, she tries her heart out for me and she may not be the most talented jumper but she is mine and I love her.

I have photos from Taupo I will scan in the next couple of days so you can look forward to that.


  1. Congrats. Sounds to me like you kicked ass(:

  2. Awesome rides!! You sound more focused with just Connie to worry about at the show. Is bill getting back in the action eventually?