Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back in the saddle 3

The knee wound a couple of days after the stitches came out but before I stopped dressing it and let it dry.

It's terrible I have had to make three of these threads in the last two months. I need to take better care of myself! So like it says I am riding again. The knee woun has gaped a little more than I had hoped and the scar will be fairly large and it still hurts like a bitch. Overnight it gets stiff and then it hurts when I first start moving as I break up the adhesions and the nerve damaged areas just feel bizarre. I have always had a ticklish left knee, now I imagine I wont be able to stand anyone near it.

Still I'm back in the saddle again and feeling pretty good. Connie has maintained her fitness better than I hoped and has lost a lot of weight, so she is looking and feeling good. She has the most amazing dapples which is always a good sign. She is a bit tense and resistant on the flat but thats no surprise with the lack of recent schooling. Have had a light jumping session down a grid which ended up with the last oxer standing at 1.30m and she just skipped over so that was a nice feeling. She is a great little horse, she really is. I just wish she was a super star so she could be my first grand prix horse because we have such a good bond and she looks after to me.

Kim has been riding Bill while she is back in the country. I rode her for the first time today and she was really really good. A completely different horse to the horse that I got concussed coming off a while back. A new bridle set up and a fleecy girt and she is a happy pony apparently. Her canter has gone to the dogs a bit because she hasn't had the work to keep her balanced but given time I'm confident it will come. I'm getting more confident I'll be able to take her to a little show in the coming weeks. She popped over the cross no worries and stayed more relaxed about everything than she has for a long time.

Back into the show ring on Friday when I jump at the Levin A+P. I'm only doing the Friday though because I hate the set up and over night facilities for the horses, I'm feeling poor and I wasn't sure how my knee would be when I did the entries. Jumping the 1.10m class first out seeing as it has been 4 weeks since I last showed, and then the amateur class later in the day. If she places in the amateur I'll definitely go South for Nationals but otherwise I probably wont. It's a huge investment to take one horse down. If I was taking two good horses that would be different because you have a fall back if one gets sore or just isn't feeling like jumping. The prize money down there is unreal though. Still you have to actually win it and those south Islanders are fierce as are the visiting North Islanders of course. That and there are two reasonable relatively local shows on the same weekends.

So thats me really. Same old. Glad to be getting back to strength and mobile again after this knee injury. Still going super slow on the quad bike though!


  1. Glad to see you healing up well. It looked pretty awful to begin with, and now you are riding again.

  2. You're knee looks very painful. I'm surprised you can ride with it at all. Good luck with your riding and your upcoming shows. Hope you do well. Take care of that knee!