Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time keeps on ticking

Kates ears

Well my stitches come out tomorrow and in a few days I'll be home again and able to start riding again. At this stage it looks like just Bill and Connie will be at home and it will be odd to only have two horses in work. So quiet! Ging is back with his owner and I suspect he wont be coming back to me. The next show is in two weeks and I have no idea if I'll go to be honest. It's 6 or 7 hours away and it's also North Island champs and I suspect I'll be far to rusty to justify that sort of travelling. It is double amateur points which would be good, but after a concussion and now my knee I have fallen a long way from 24th in the standings.

It's finally started to dry up and I'm going to be proactive about looking at shoeing options that will Keep Connie feeling good in her front legs and not jarring up on the harder ground. She has such a high and sort of pounding front action that every year as the ground gets harder I have to be very careful what ground I jump her on and to balance her work requirements with saving her legs.

What is also quite unfortunate is I was planning to use the Christmas season to get Connie really a lot fitter as she isn't jumping with the enthusiasm of the really fit Connie, only the ok fit Connie. The fitter and better she feels the better and higher and more athletically she jumps. But now she has sat in the paddock for the last 10 days doing nothing but losing fitness. Though her and Bill have both been on a strict diet and hopefully they will be a bit trimmer when I get back. I hope to be back in the saddle on Monday or Tuesday depending how I feel.

Hopefully everyone else is having an easier time than I am.

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