Sunday, September 2, 2012

A big weekend

My friend from home came up to visit me this weekend and it was so amazing to see her. She cuts straight through the crap and I trust her opinions and knowledge implicitly. She thought that Malinki had a lot to offer if I could get her a lot stronger and feed her up some, which is pretty easy I make everything fat. I had a practice day on Saturday and rode 7 rounds on various horses so I'll update on that tomorrow when I get the few photos I got off the camera.

The other thing I did this weekend was ride for the first time the stallion I am working. He is a hanoverian stallion and he is gorgeous and pretty straightforward and huge! The sheer presence is amazing and the neck and the face. He even feels so powerful to ride. He hasn't been ridden for two years but the only thing he did was have a bit of a bounce at the canter. He gets tired really quickly and is quite lazy. He has had a shoulder injury in the past so we aren't sure if he will stay sound but fingers crossed eh. It's a thrill to riding a horse of this quality.

Connie got worked as well even though my friend and I had smashed a bottle of gin the night before! It wasn't much of a workout but she definitely feels stronger this year than this time last year so that can only be positive. She was good at the practice day, really it's me with the big issues. My hands have gotten average, less smooth and I'm rolling my knuckles on top. Still it's definitely fixable. Hunting makes you stick good and brave, but so mad for the little details like you know position and stuff. I need to find a trainer of sorts. Hoping my mate comes back because she is awesome at that sort of thing. 

So here is I think the first full size photo of Connie since the end of last season. And yes I really don't need the draw reins they aren't doing anything haha. She looks very well this year.

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  1. So many to ride! Very fun. Connie is quite striking in that shot. I love her tail. :)