Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pukahu Show

In all honesty I couldn't have asked for a better start to the season. Connie was a stooper star! She definitely earned her way back into her special sparkle halter. Friday night was like the coldest night ever it was not a good time. I was glad Dan came with me for the weekend because I would have frozen without his body heat. Still it was a pretty nice day even though the wind was cold. My frst class was the 1.10m young rider/amateur class and it was built disappointly small. I wanted to make sure I was on form heightwise but it wasn't to be. Still I was very nervous doing the first round of the season. She jumped really well, I had one sort of moment to the liverpool where I got a bit deep but basically it's all good. A little stiff maybe but on video it looks to flow a lot better than it felt. And it was good enough for second so I can't complain.

The nex day was the amateur class series class and what do you know they heavens opened with a cold rain. I worried about how my fair weather princess would cope but she was very brave and jumped awesome again. Better this time, very consistent but again the track was very soft with no real tricky parts and again uilt very small. 21 horses in the jump-off!

Connie is not a very quick horse and she isn't a big mover and she isn't the cattiest so she isn't really a great horse in a jump off. Still she was awesome in this jump-off. So good with her turning and I love that the turns look so smooth, not like I'm hauling her around, she is right there with me. I thought we were flyign but we really aren't that fast! Still it was a tough enough time that we won! Woo. I had decided I wasn't going to chase the series to hard and focus on moving up in height and try get to 1.30m this season, but now I have 10 big fat points! We will see what happens eh.

And saved for prosperity because it may never happen that I'm leading a series ever again.

There is a gymkhana tomorrow that I'm riding three horses in so I'll let you know how that goes. Had a pretty awesome day today, wicked to be cantering a  17.1hh hanoverian stallion down the beach, what a feeling.


  1. Congrats! Sounds like a great outing, minus the weather.

  2. Hey hey ....way to go. I love the video clips.The switch backs made for pretty tight turns but you guys look awesome. All the best for the season