Monday, January 21, 2013

Fate you fickle fiend

It seems that life doesn't want me to move!! First my horse goes lame and then my blinking horse truck wont start. It's a weird thing to be moving again, it feels like all I do is move these days!! That being said I am very very very glad to have finished my job and hope I never have to go there ever again. I will miss my fellow staff and most of the customers but management can suck it as far as I'm concerned.

Connie looks to be improving but is still somewhat off. She was supposed to go to the vet today but Truckie wouldn't start after the weekend so I had to cancel my appointment. The truck is fixed though, it was a leaky connection to the solenoid so that was a big phew what with truck repairs getting expensive extremely fast. Connie has been left behind in the Bay of Plenty but I will pick her up next monday and go to the vet then. Hoping she stays lame until then which is horrible but I can't fix what I can't see you know. After all this time in a small paddock with limited movement the fact she is still unsound is probably a bad sign.

I'm very excited to start work tomorrow with the horses, and I have a friends horse I have taken on as a schooler to compete this weekend so I'm still going to be getting ring time which is nice. Looking forward to being able to look after my good buddy Ginga as well whom you should all remember from last season (as a prompt- big dumb roan) and getting plenty of saddle time and lots of hardwork as I have gotten quite fat what with the indoors officey type work I have been doing for the last two months.

It's a little bit scary because while I was working full time it was easy to be like well yea I don't do better because I am so busy and don't have the time yada yada and now I don't have that excuse I'm a little afraid that I will prove to be a bit of a flop as a rider, but then I would rather be scared now than regret it later.

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  1. You won't be a flop as a rider I am sure that you will do well! Hope you can figure out why she's lame soon, and it's nothing tooo major!