Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 1 as a groom

I knew it was going to be a step up from office work but my body is tired!! We had six horses at the show this weekend and it was hard hard work. not helped of course by the fact I had the most pony club fall off ever on the Wednesday and landed very badly and screwed my back up. Very very boo. So much travelling as well in the last 7 days. Last Tuesday I was in a car 6 hours to get home, then another hour to work then on Thursday it was seven hours back in the horse truck to Gisborne show, three days off showing, then a two hour drive back to ride my own horse and ascertain she is still lame.

Up early the next morning to take her and Poppys young horse whom I have for schooling back to my work.     Started the drive at 8am, took some drugs for my back which decided that truck driving was absolute agony.  And arrived at the vets at 1.40pm without having really stopped apart from a food and bathroom break. Even the horses had sea legs. So Connie was definietly slightly lame on her right fore and when we blocked that foot, she came up lame on the other foot. Took eight x-rays (I hate to think how I'm going to pay for this!!) And she has two very different front feet which we knew because she has a clubbed foot, and a flat wants to flare foot. Still her joints look beautiful and clean and she has a little sidebone developing in her flatter foot but really very minor for a ten year old jumper. And yes I probably shouldn't say my horse has sidebone on the internet but this horse is never going anywhere, I'm too selfish to share her with anyone. I mean they might not look after her like I do!!

Anyway the prognosis is that her shoeing isn't balanced but when I said I would get my old farrier Pat from Crowley forge the vets all fell over themselves to say how wonderful he is, so I'm very happy to have my farrier back. The vets are saying 6 weeks for recovery for her  but I want to talk to Pat and maybe we can get her going sooner than that. I'd love to have her back on the team, that and she is getting so obese.

In other big news which my fat officey work butt is slightly frightened about, my bosses surgery that they said would be about 6 months away is next week so I'm going to have -pardon the French- shitloads to do. I think I have 10 horses to ride alone. Uhhh! Oh well I guess I will be skinny soon! Hopefully I can ride well enough that I get to keep riding them and not let her down.


  1. I hope you recover from the fall soon and that your back feels better :)

  2. wow ten horses to ride. That will keep you busy!. Are you off to HOY??

  3. Back is the new bane of my life. Yes definitely heading for HOY, hoping to have my beloved C horse back on the truck.