Thursday, June 6, 2013

Motivation LOW

Just for fun a picture of My little sister and the horse she borrowed after Bob died. This horse was called Cow for obvious reasons. This picture makes me laugh everytime.

Winter! Every year it does this to me. I just can not be assed. Though to be fair having both of my own horses injured doesn't help. And normally there are a couple of horses at work that are my projects but I don't have any one at the moment. I don't think I'm not sure. I have been mostly fencing because the whole operation has been moved and then my boss got really sick so I have just sort of been riding everything.

Which is good but though the arena (omg omg!!) should go in next week, at the moment we are very much at the whim of the weather conditions. I can't even remember the last time I jumped a jump it's been so long! I can't wait to get jumping again. I am so tempted to drag Connie off of the hill having had 5 months off and now being a mane flicking snorting wild horses, but with only about a month until we start conditioning for the next season she may as well stay on the hill until then.

Went hacking yesterday on two different rides and managed to time it perfectly to get caught in both showers of rain. And I had a guy come out because he had a hideous black and white stallion behind a terrible fence on the roadside so he supervised him as I rode past. Best part was how he was like yea he has jumped out before. Awesome. Slow clap for you my friend. Pretty sure by law you need to have two fence lines between the boundary/road and a stallion but what do I know.

In other much happier news I have finally got motivated about something and i'm getting my lard ass in shape. After being so unhappy in the old job and stuffing my face with anything with sugar on it to make myself feel better, I had gotten to whale like proportions. I was even using another show coat because mine looked truly awful. I'm making a little progress which is amazing but there is still so far to go. It's so easy to get fat and so impossible to lose it again. that hardly seems fair. Still it must be only 3 months until the seasons starts up again. Yay!! Oh I am going to jump some sweet ass jumps this year. 1.30m or bust!

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  1. haha thanks bro.. Ha is a hilarious photo, she was such a doll. Crazy but lovely. Wish I could have her back now. I guess we will never stop missing those horses that have passed on. They become such good friends. This got waaay profound, I was just commenting on how funny the photo is. YES insulated overalls.