Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NOT HORSE RELATED- Laser Eye Surgery

Ok so I had a couple of people ask about the laser surgery. I had the LASIK procedure or the flap and zap. I know I also have a little issue that most people don't have in that I have dry eyes because of the SSRI's for my headcaseness so I had to be more careful to keep my eyes lubricated.

Right ok basically had a few appointments and then I went in for the procedure. Basically you lay on a bed and you go under one laser that sucks onto your eye and creates the flap and then you roll around to the next laser that reshapes your lens and then they stick the flap back down and away you go. Well not quite. I do remember at one point being like shit I can't do this but I was always halfway through so I just lay there. You sort have to just go with it.

It truly was pretty unpleasant, I wont lie. Sort like the dentist but with your eyeballs. Yes you can smell your eyes burning but its just like a whiff of burnt hair, it's not that offensive. Your eyes are completely numb the whole time, you can feel some tugging but it never hurt or was uncomfortable. Just have to keep taking deep breaths and you are away.

Then afterwards your eyes hurt and my eyes streamed constantly on the trip home and my eyes closed themselves and then I had a sleep and when I woke up, they hardly hurt and they never really hurt again. It takes 9 hours for the first layer of cells to join up so after that time they feel a lot better. I did have to tape eye covers to my face every night for a week so I wouldn't rub my eyes in my sleep and I wasn't allowed to rub them for a month or something and when my time was up I was like yea rub rub. Soo good. And you have to use eye drops all the time but thats no big deal. I know my surgery was a lot milder than the version when they scrape a layer off your eye, rather than cut the flap so if you can get the flap and zap.

You really just have to hold still and let them do their thing, it is a bit scary because it's different but it was better than the last time I got a filling, or had surgery. And the outcome! It's amazing, my vision is beyond 20/20 I wear sunglasses all the time, I never get dust under my contacts or fog up my glasses. It's the best money I ever spent getting my eyes fixed. It was expensive but it's for life until I start needing reading glasses as an old person. It was more than worth it to have normal sight. I would do it again in a heart beat because its the best thing ever. And it's not like I have a very high tolerance for pain, I'm basically a sook. I know it comes with some risk, but I would recommend it highly to anyone.


  1. aaahhhhhh.... *shudder*
    I could live with the benefits for sure but that procedure sounds horrible. Maybe if I could get completely knocked out for the duration so I don't have to feel anything...

    1. Completely agree CT, would love to be able to see from first thing in the morning to last thing at night without contacts or glasses...but still sound kind of traumatic & wish we could be knocked out for it lol!

      Won;t have the funds to do it for a while in any case, but thanks so much for writing up a post Beckz - personal insight (no pun intended) is great!
      I'm so glad it's worked out for you - hopefully one day I'll be less of a sap & just suck it up and do it!