Friday, July 5, 2013

9 Weeks

First proper show of the season is in nine weeks! Who is excited!! I'm not. Haha kidding I'm so excited. Picked up Connie this morning and she has come through the winter butter fat. She looks like a seal so sleek and shiny and no ribs whatsoever. She is so miffed to be on a diet.

I'm not doing a lot of three horses I ride day to day and they are all lovely. Especially Erl Grey because he is so smooth and well schooled so I do all my no stirrups work on him. Got to get some strong thighs before the season starts. Especially if i'll be riding some babies and I don't like falling off. I have spent so much time out of the saddle while we set up the new place I feel like I'm green and weak again. Bad habits sneak in so fast! Thumbs on top and following elbows! Be soft to create a soft horse, use your leg not your hand and circles are a girls best friend.

I jump the young horse I work tomorrow and he is pretty green so it should be interesting because the new jumps we have made are scary! I'll have to be very brave especially because the little bugger bucks.  Not psarticularily well but with my current lack of fitness and feeling a little down on my ability I need to be careful.

Still it's july it should be cold and horrible and I have had two lovely days of riding in a t-shirt and sunshine. So excited to have my mate back into work. Yay Connie.

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