Friday, April 25, 2014


My horse is funny looking. He is a very very pretty colour and has lovely white socks in the front which I like. He has a swayed back and his shoulder is bigger than his hindquarter. His neck is tending to be muscled all the wrong way. Despite this he is a pretty mover and he tries so hard and he is a super jumper with an awesome back end. 

He has been so wearying. There was a moment about 2 months ago when I had just had a gutsful of him. He requires a very precise ride and previous riders have created some anxiety I'm constantly working against to keep him relaxed and settled. He can be lazy but also can over react to the spur and get rattled by it. He loses condition easily and puts it on slowly. He windsucks and he has this coffin joint issue and he is the highest maintenance horse I have ever owned by a lot. 

And then I evented him and I found his calling. He loves it so much and he is so good at it. Well his dressage sucks but that will come we can fix that. And he hunts like a gangster. He isn't the big warmbloody powerhouse Sjer of my dreams, not even close. He is a slightly simple, quirky sensitive difficult horse. He was so grumpy when I first brought him and at least now he is more cheerful and likes cuddles and being engaged.

Not being able to ride him has been so frustrating and I realised something yesterday. I love him. I never used to love him, and maybe he didn't turn out to be the horse I wanted and I better get braver eventing because thats where he belongs, but I love him anyway.

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  1. I think that sometimes that it's horses that aren't perfect that we end up loving the most :) I just found your blog and am now trying to catch up on it. I'm really enjoying it! Good luck in all that you do :)