Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pretty Pictures

Riding out at Otiro hunt riding Kiwi Icon whom has to be one of the best hunters ever. He never touches a fence regardless of how bad the distance is. Fastest front end ever.

So happy to be back on this guy even if we did go sideways for the early part of the hunt. Jumped 2 full wires. After the first two runs I pulled up and mostly watched because he has lost a lot of fitness and felt a little stiff hear the end. 

Small field for the Wednesday hunt made for competitive hunting and peer pressure to jump things. So despite the less than pretty prep on the fences my horse was a super star. He tries hard. Jumped tapes even

Looking across the South Wairarapa; the Rimutaka Hills in the background with the light shining off of Lake Wairarapa 

Ike got to try the new compression suit after he whipped all day at the hunt. Very interested to see how he goes tomorrow. The lovely Butch with his white stockings pulled up to his knees.


  1. That compression suit looks like a PITA to put on. How was it?

    1. It is! It was a two person job to get on. Mostly someone to hold the zips together while the other one zips

  2. That compression suit is really interesting. I've never seen one in person. I'd like to hear how he felt after using it :)

  3. That looks so fun! I have been thinking about getting one of the compression suits. Do you like it (other than trying to put it on anyway)?