Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Sick Pony

So out hunting two weeks ago, Butchly got to small cuts on his back legs. He then missed the showjumping day and I catchrode a baby for my old boss, because his front legs had swollen up. I think this was from the red clover diet and because he stocks up when he isn't moving much. He looked to be improving until Friday of Easter and then cue two hot fat swollen back legs and a very poorly pony.

The swelling even spread to the front of his face (weird) and two patches under his belly. So cue all the antibiotics and one sad pony. He is quite sore in the neck from the injections and he wouldn't eat of the ground for a long time, though I make him eat his hard fed off the ground because he needs to use his neck to stop it hurting.

The downside is I wont make the 3DE at Taupo for the national championships because I needed one more qualifying score and I will miss the last two chances to compete because they are inside his drug withholding. That is far less important than getting my horse right of course but a shame all the same.

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