Sunday, June 19, 2016

Post show slump

Riding bob at the top of the world with my sister and my bestie. Ended up getting stuck at the top of the hill and going down a really steep gut to get to a track. Both Bob and China had green moments but were mostly really good. I struggled with Kim on my China though. I don't share well.

Not the point of this post though, because I've been jumping the last two weekends and I have loads of media and videos to share which show just how green the kids are but Bob especially has learnt so much from shows. China is in this know it all stage which isn't that fun but I'll talk about that when the videos are up. 

I just wonder if you guys get this same thing that I struggle with and its the worse the better the show goes, but where after the show you feel devoid of joy and mostly apathetic. It happens every time, like I have used up all my allocated happy and excited and struggling with the transition from possible outcomes to completed opportunity. It's not even like I'm unhappy because while I was ready to kill China he made up for it in the second class.

Real life is so shades of grey compared to shows 😕. Does this happen to other people? China just had the physio today and as expected with the increase in his workload and intensity of work asked for laterally and in terms of working over his back he was pretty tight and sore. Little scar tissue in one shoulder and and old sacro illiac injury on the right side but lovely and loose now 

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  1. Post-show slump is an old enemy of mine, too. Best cure is to start preparing for the next show! ;)