Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quietly progressing

I have been making an effort to get the boys out more to go hacking and they have had a grid day which was interesting. Good for China who wants to take over to train himself to back off. It was set a bit short for bob so it was hard work for him and he isn't as careful once he gets tired but he tried really hard.

China is really starting to learn to get soft and operate over fences. Rounder and softer in his back and better behind. When I get to the base softly he's amazing but I have to do nothing. And I find it hard. My eye thinks we aren't getting there but he's actually covering the ground ok and I have to trust the canter. And he doesn't lock on hard so I feel he hasn't seen it but if I stay soft he's beautiful to ride. He's not spooky and he's super brave so he doesn't need a lot of supporting leg beyond maintaining a really high quality canter. 

My friend who owns the arena is away in Vietnam so I'm looking after her horses as well and of course when the owner is away this happens.

Too old to stitch but cleaned and bandaged and he's on box rest. Prognosis is really good, just needs time and Manuka honey.

Took the boys to the farm and Kim rode Bob and I rode China and did two days of hill work though the first day was very ordinary weather wise. I'd made the trip though so had to suck it up and ride in the rain. 

The next morning when we headed out Bob wasn't interested in another farm ride and was reluctant to get going. Then I was popping over a small ditch and China stood on his front foot and basically fell over. He was ok though and even let me open all the gates off of him. Then he got tired at the top and got worked up and jogged nearly all the way down the hill with a few sideways flails into a long suffering but now enjoying his farm ride Bob. 

Kim had a little jump on Bob tonight because she's a bit in love with him and he was good and it was good for her because she wants to do too much. Kate requires a lot of support at the base because she'll chicken out. But it just rattled Bob. Showjumping this weekend then Bob goes home for a three week break. And I'm not sure what the plan is for China. I know my mate wants to travel to a clinic so maybe will be able to afford to jump on that. 


  1. The boys are looking good! Damn - that cut looks gnarly!

    Good luck this weekend!

  2. Ugh that cut makes my stomach turn, does it look worse than it is?

    China makes for a much nicer photo haha - he looks well.

    Clinic sounds like it might be fun :)

    1. It's shallower than it looks. Just sucks when it's not your horse. Yea China is a treat at home but still feeds a lot of the show atmosphere 😬