Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lesson recap


My little sister on Bob whom is looking so well and a lovely genuine horse. I'm surprised he hasn't been snapped up to be honest.

Bobs been back for a week after a three week holiday and has four jumping shows in the next five weeks which will be so good for him. The one this weekend coming is in an indoor though so hopefully he copes with that. It will be a good learning curve for him. He's very bold to fences and likes to do what he's told but can get a bit overwhelmed by the surroundings, like at the one arena where he doesn't cope with the white advertising board. 

He's a little bit reached the 
no everything stage where they don't listen so well but they all Go through it. It will pass. Anyway this doesn't recap the lesson at all so far. Basically he was a little strong but if I sat on him quietly and softened at the base he was jumping out of his skin and trying really hard which is great progress and for effectively 9 weeks work he's come such a long way.

He's the sort of horse that it's so easy to brace against though, he sets his head and neck and so it's easy to get hard against him and rely too much on te hand and forget the leg. I have to say I was really nervous as well because I hadn't jumped for three weeks, but my eye wasn't too bad. I did get told off because when he gets tired I let him run on and take the cheap distance. Go for the long one instead of keeping him compact, staying tall in my upper body and making him work and be more correct. Basically ride more correctly. Shorten my less and trust my own training. 

Mental side note to myself! Count you dork, it's so much easier when you count . Keeps me a little braver and more relaxed. China's entered for the show too but my float is still mostly sans a floor so maybe we won't be going anywhere .  Either way he's stuck at the turnout paddock. So I just rode him there. And he's such a dick. I know he's had three weeks off but my word he has so many opinions. On the plus side he feels good and only bucked a bit. He's also stacked on some condition which I'm rapt about.

He's just in this teenage rebellion stage where I go try and he goes make me and I'm hoping it will pass. Did I mention it's the first time I've shown out of the area in like two years 😳 keep breathing Becky 


  1. Good luck, hope all goes well :)
    Will you be competing at Tielcey? Would be lovely to bump into you there one day when we both have floors in our floats ha

    1. I tend not to show at teilcey because I've always found it to be quite expensive and mostly poorly run, Though I hear good things about the current management. This weekend is Manfield. And I'm sure I'll run into you soon.