Wednesday, July 6, 2016

No horses, no drama

Roger has the key spot for sunbathing while I ride.

It's weird having both horses out at the same time, but luckily I can help my friend ride when I have spare time and frankly next week there isn't going to be a lot of that. And then the week after that we are back into it. China is still getting fed and with adlib pasture I'm hoping he'll come back in, in good flesh.

I'm lucky enough to be riding a big track horse, just on the flat and it's so good for my riding because I can really work on myself and my position because all the buttons are so installed. 

Meanwhile I have pulled the floor out of the float. One row of bolts was basically rusted through and all the frame work needed to be dressed and the painted with rust converter slash primer and now I need to put a layer of galv zinc on and the we'll put a new floor in. It's hardwood and has lasted thirty odd years without any maintanence and was only just starting break down at one end of the boards. 

Actually so glad we have done this now though, it definitely needed doing. Good job for tomorrow morning 

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