Thursday, September 17, 2009

Entries are out

Okey dokey. Entries to the first show are out. We are starting at Te Teko in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. My Aunty lives 5 mins from the showgrounds and it was such a nice show and it's far far away from anyone we know! haha excellent plan. I plan to stat conservatively even though I think I'm lame for doing so. Better to start low and find it easy and move up. The conundrum is that Kate is experienced as but then as a combination we are pretty green I have no idea what she will be like once we are out, or in the ring.

So all three Connie, Kate and rascal are in the 90 and 95cm the first day and then Kate and Rascal do the 95-1m. Though if it goes really well with Kate I may do the 1m and then the 1.05m so there are options. Connie does another 90cm and 95cm on the Sunday. She isn't fit at all and has hardly any work so I'm heading for a cruisy start to the season. I'm riding her again, she is about 99% now but I wont be jumping her for a while longer yet. The cause of her lameness was a puncture wound in her sole but thats mostly resolved now, I was too late finding it to help much.

Practise day at solway on Sunday so will jump Kate, Kim will jump Rascal and I'll school connie there so at least they have all had an outing.

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