Monday, September 14, 2009

More gridwork

So we did gridwork again, but this time it was my turn. We did similar grids to what I discussed earlier when Kim jumped Rascal. Started with rails on the ground and cantered throughthem and Kate was just as happy as a kid hunting Easter eggs. She was initially sticky when I first got on because she didn't like the feel of the stud girth but once she had had a canter she was fine.

Then did crossrail to an upright to a small oxer. Built the oxer bigger and bigger and she stayed bold as through it, at one point jumping the first ground rail and the crossrail- a jump of 9 feet across! What was she thinking! But smooth as, I had to ask Kim what had happened. Built the oxer up until it was 1.20m at it's highest point and about the same across. The first time I did a 1.10m oxer she just powered off of the gorund and I was like Damn Kim you have to try this. So Kim went down the grid on her a few times and we both agreed she is a powerhouse. The problems we did come up with are that I unfold too fast and Kate pulls left over the big fences, so there is plenty to work on there because I really have to stay forward to encourage her to loosen up behind.

Then we went to a big Cross behind, and as I said before they back horses off and Kate stopped the first time because I didn't put enough leg on her. After she had been over it once she was good as gold. As you can see from the photos it encourages her to loosen up behind (she still doesn't have a nice trail though I think I should get a chiropracter to her because she has an inflexible back) and made her knees super cute and tight in front.

You can see her power off the ground here, she really springs off of those back legs.

Ah love! What a good horse.


  1. Wow those are some big jumps!
    Probably not for you but they look very impressive from where I'm sitting. My junps are normally limited to the 80-90cm mark.

  2. Wow, that is some impressive jumping! She looks fantastic.

  3. She looks so springy and scopey. You two will do great things for one another!

  4. Thanks guys!
    And Raven- it looked freaking big to me also, it was just Kate who was brave not me at all! I worked it out, it has been 5 years since I jumped a fence that big. Feels good!

  5. She looks really good - and very happy and interested in the whole thing - she's the girl for you!

  6. Looking good!
    She looks really scopy.

  7. I love the angle on the second picture. It makes the jump look even bigger. Well done! (Though obviously you didn't ride and take it at the same time... unless you're magical.)