Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Posty posty.

Haha Sharon you are a litte premature. Te Teko show is the weekend coming. Am I organised. Ahh no. Do i have two horses each missing a shoe. Ahh yes. I'm I starting to get a little stressed?? Ahh yess. Last weekend on the sunday Kim and I went cross country schooling with Rascal and connie. Connie has never jumped a XC fence but once she go the idea she was excellent. Just a few dramas with the ditch haha! And she nearly rolled in the water jump, her knees buckled and I was like " Nooo!". sorry it will be a short update I have a million thins to do but yea in three days I will be in/have complated the first clss for the new season and thats exciting.


  1. Oops! It's just I passed one of our local horsetrucks in Tokoroa and thought the show was last weekend.
    Not to hassle you at all, just interested in how you are getting on. Good to hear you cross-train your horses and don't just stick to the one discipline.
    Will we see you at the HB show?

  2. Good luck at the show!

  3. Haha! It's all good. It's nice someone is interested. Wont be at HB because it's midweek and I gotta work. Actually on't think I'll be in the bay at all until HOY unless you count Danniverke.

  4. Much luck & safe rides to ya!


  5. Did you see that Hawera is cancelled?
    You might have a few late entries up there at te teko

  6. Your blog totally cracks me up. From the title to the run-on sentences. Great pictures and you make me miss eventing! Keep it up!