Friday, September 11, 2009

The latest post

Oh man oh man, I am living groundhog day and i'm having trouble with my registrations. I do believe I will be sending of my third check to ESNZ tomorrow for forty dollars owing to Kim's horse, for a reason I don't understand but joy oh joy they wont register Kate until it is done. I'm getting really tired of being financially pillaged to fund our high performance programs which seem to achieve sweet F all. Money seems to just fly away from me, sigh. I'm sure I shouldn't be this broke. Perhaps I need a better job, but that would mean sacrificing alot. Such as free grazing, help with costs,time to ride in the middle of the day.

Connie is still lame. It's really mild but still there. I think it's in her foot but can realy find not alot wrong with her feet. Treated a bit of trush but it shouldn't have been bad enough to make her lame especially as she was totally unreactive when I stabbed at her foot with my hoofpck so who knows. The farrier comes on tuesday so will be interesting to see what he says. I wonder is perhaps it is muscular and related to changing the angles in that foot which is clubby?? But that is also very expensive especially because I will get an epic lecture about how her saddle doesn't fit perfectly. It doesn't and I know this but she needs a custom saddle and I'm poor. It fits her about as well as any non custom saddle could and she has never had any back pain so What can you do?

And Kate?? Oh my word I love Kate, what a cool horse. She has been packing me around so nicely. Has gallops the other days on the hills and she was a lot faster than I thought considering she never even trialled as a racehorse. I love how sensitive she is. Riding rather behind the leg steady types has made me a bit of a blunt tool as a rider and she is making me regain some finesse.She is picking up the schooling super fast so it's mostly about building strength and going forward more now. She can be a bit backwards when I first start working her and I have to get her more forward off of the leg.

I had a good play today just jumping crossrails (So as not to kill us both when I missed) and trying to figure her out. She likes to run to her fences, but not if I stay really quiet, and I can steady her in front of the fence but I have to do it very smoothly and quietly. If I can steady her she doesn't get so deep and jumps much nicer. She felt really good though and I love how she is a grumpy old mare until you put a fence in front of her or have a gallop. She is all about the fun parts of being ridden thats for sure. And she is a hungry little pig. She lost some condition over the winter which I'm kicking myself about but she is picking up quickly despite the reasonably heavy workload.


  1. Kate does sound like a wonderful mare - it's fun to have one who likes to go and to jump - she seems to have found the right owner! Hope the farrier can help with Connie.

  2. Nothing like hard-to-fit horses. I have no idea how people without special set ups (like amazing parents) can ever afford to ride. Custom saddles are ridiculously expensive.