Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh Bum!

I do believe I'm getting sick. i have been feeling rather crappy all day and it's only getting worse which is rather inconvenient because my Dad is away on a trip so i'm running the farm and so can't get sick. I went to ride Kate yesterday and Kim was going to help me do a bit of jumping- the first jumping since my dive last weekend, and my only chance to jump before the show on Sunday. Now Kate has been really really angry when I have been getting on her, but I haven't been able to find any back or muscle pain. Yesterday however, as soon as I started trotting for my warm-up I knew she was lame and she is off on the corners in her right fore. I'm hoping it's related to her feet as she needs her shoes reset and I'm hoping that as soon as that happens she will be fine again. Her legs are all cool and dry and tight so I don't think it's soft tissue.

So tomorrow only Connie will be going to the show, but I suspect the ground will be hard and she isn't great on hard ground. If he feels ouchy I will definitely scratch her. She can do her first 1.10m class elsewhere I'm in no rush. After this show I have a break until the 6th of December I think show wise and it will be nice to have a wee break and to get some schooling/hacking adventures into them. I don't know if I have stated this before but my goal for the season for Kate is the basic amatuer class at horse of the year over 1.10m-1.20m. It would be really awesme to have Connie ready for this class too. If she can jump this high of course bahaha!

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  1. Feel better soon! And hope Kate's soreness/unsoundness resolves soon.