Sunday, November 8, 2009

Waikato Showjumping at Kihikihi

Kate in the 1.10m class on Saturday- photo taken by Rons Photos

Another big trip but I have to say Kihikihi was an awesome show. It was a three star show so the grand prixs and series classes were all maximum height so there was plenty of exciting classes to watch. Kate was in 1.10m classes on the friday and Saturday while Connie was in the 1m on the firday and then 1.05m on saturday. On the sunday they were both in the 1.05m championship class.

Anyway, all of the rings had plenty going on in them. Even ring three which often has no fill at all had a liverpool and bushes in the double and a few walls, pickets and the like. Connie had a rail in the 1m class after I made her hot by chasing her to a spot. Oops. I have to stop leaving strides out from the corner. I have gotten too agressive about chasing distances on both of them. Kate had one rail in the 1.10m class, I need to keep her together more.

Saturday same deal- Connie had 1 rail in her first 1.05m class but my goodness I was glad to feel her try a little and actually get off of the ground so that was really cool. Kate jumped awesome and I rode her better- a lot more together and contained but had a circle before the third fence when I chickened out in front of a big oxer. Of course she jumped it awesome once I grew some testicles.

She warmed up amazing for the 1.05m championship I was riding her really well and I got well a little complacent. Cantered in way to quietly to the first, not enough leg or enthusiasum of anything. I was way to casual and so Kate left me at the base of fence one and then booked it (I obviously gave her a real fright) out over the tape around the edge of the arena and back to Connie.

After I caught back up with Kate I decided not to get back on and go to the practise fence because Kates old enough to know her job and Connies turn in the same class was quickly looming. That and we would have done the practise fence fine. I'll have a jump during the week at home and then I have another start at a small local show so I have to just put it behind me and move on which I will do from now.

Getting on Connie and going ou to jump sucked because it was a big (For 1.05) track- lots of maximum sized oxers and spooky spooky with a few tricky distances. Now Connie isn't green anymore but she has never felt particularily scopey so you can never tell if she will make the step up. Anyway, she jumped awesome despite the shocking ride I gave her (especially to the first) after being shaken up by my fall. The rail was my fault because my corner sucked! Anyway check out how nice she jumps over fence three the pink oxer. Gooo Connie. So a really mixed bag but mostly good I feel.


  1. Thanks for the walk through, that was fun! Bummer about the fall, but it didn't seem to affect you in any way. Beautiful horses.

  2. Aw, that's too bad about the fall but at least you didn't fall on your ass, haha! Connie looks great though!

  3. wicked jumping on connie - pity about the fall - brave for even putting it up there. your right about putting it behind you and moving on - no point in dwelling. horses looking great as - cant wait to see you compete again..