Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wairarapa A+P Show- Sunday the 1m class

So after milking I trundled down to Clareville for the last day of the Wairarapa A+ P show. For those of you that aren't in New Zealand, the A and P stands for agricultural and pastoral and basically it's a big fair with donkey classes, and western classes and english disciplines and cattle showing and pig showing and sheep showing and home crafts etc I have no idea what the equivalent overseas would be. They are quite good because they have a lot of atmosphere so that gives the horses plenty to look at.

Anyway, I arrived at midday, got bitched at for parking to close and I pointed out there was plenty of room and I want to point out shehad no trouble getting out despite it not being within her stated driving abilities. I so would have moved the truck if she hadn't been so rude especially when I'm exhausted for having just worked 5 hours straight you know. Anyway, I rode Connie in the 1m first and she was double clear. Fun times the class was a TAM5 so instead of everyone who jumps double clear getting a ribbon and the "win" we jumped off against the clock. It's good practise at these smaller heights. Anyways, she jumped super cute as she does but still have to get onto this bit issue. I'm thinking waterford or back to the rubber snaffle and we will see what happens. she is a lot stronger and more up than last season so I might struggle to hold her in a rubber snaffle now. Regardless, below are the videos of her rounds. She didn't place in this class. It's interesting watching her, she really doesn't cover a lot of ground so she isn't particularily quick. I also want to point out that this was the second weirdest jumpoff I have ever done- so many loopy turns and both the doubles?! Unheard of.

Because I had Kate in the 1.1m class I really wanted to ride her last so I could do the 1m and then go straight to my 1.1m and as it worked out that worked beautifully. I was hoping for a beefy 1m class but it was tiny eh which was a bit lame. Both Connie and Kate shouldn't be in the 1m classes anymore. Luckily, Connie has some 1.05m classes at Kihikihi next weekend so we can see how that goes. Ahh back to the point! Kate just skipped around as she does and I put some gas on for the jump-off and she was fourth which I was rapt with. First time really riding her against the clock. Everytime I jump her we get a little bit better eh. (Sad story- A girl came up to Kate patted her on the neck and went " Back in the 1ms eh Kate" and walked off. I felt stink!)

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  1. that was fricken tidy an cute aye, stunner of a day 2.