Monday, November 23, 2009

It never fails

So I signed up for a two day clinic being held next week with a top NZ showjumper who is in the country over the summer and when I walk out to the horses, what you you know Kate has a fat leg. She has a small cut on the outside of her right fore and her whole leg has blown up but the tendon feels good and she is barely lame so here is hoping I can salvage this clinic because Kate is the one I really need to take.

So she was cold hosed and given penicillin and herbal anti-inflammatories and poulticed and wrapped all day and it has improved marginally, there is less swelling. More anti-inflammatories tonight (It's Devils claw and yucca, sold in NZ as BLS, and I think as Buteless in America? I love the stuff) and I have left the wraps off and will wash and wrap again tomorrow. But curses! The timing sucks, thats so typical of horses.


  1. I hate it when horses decide to get ouchies!
    I hope you can still participate in the clinic.

  2. Darn it - HORSES!!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for both of you. I think you deserve to enjoy a challenging clinic. Plus I want to read all about it.