Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking forward

Oh poor bloggy, I have rather being avoiding you. I have to say while I love my blog and my blog friends and having this record of the things I have done, it does make you very accountable. I know that even if I mess up it's going up here where anyone can read it. To be honest I'm surprised my blog has never picked up a detractor because there is plenty of ammunition to be gained here :D I'm not exactly sure what my point is. Ahh! I get it now. When I make a goal and I tell you guys the goal well then I'm held accountable to the goal. It's not like having big fat secret hopes for myself, it's an actual in public goal that I need to work towards. In a way thats good for my often directionless, lazy self.

The entries went out. Horse of the Year entries *gulp* $700 dollars worth of Horse of the year entries. I dumped my savings into the horse account so that that cheque doesn't bounce like an rubber ball. I thought about this hard or so long but in the end without HOY to work towards, what was the point? What was the end goal? I'm not going to see any of that money back most probably unless I ride like insanely well. Even if I win the Amateur class I wont make half of that back haha! I don't think it's likely I will win be see above about big fat secret hopes :) Life is after all about experiences and not the accumulation of money and I want to go play with the big boys. I have 8 weeks.

Gisborne Show next weekend. Connie is in 1.10s and Kate does 1.10s and she is entered in 1.15m for if she goes well in the smaller class. After all as my friend said I brought Kate for the miles riding a horse who had done it before and it doesn't necessarily have to be pretty and perfect. I'm nervous but a bit excited.


  1. Woohoo!! I'm excited to hear about your journey. Very exciting.

    :-p Don't avoid us... we're nice. Usually.

  2. The thing about a blog is that it is yours. You decide what to share, and you can always delete posts if you want.
    Having said that, I admire you for posting your goals here. Then once you achieve them, you have the record of where you started from.
    Good luck at Gisborne, I hope it dries out a bit! And remember, it is supposed to be fun!

  3. Hello, I haven't left a comment for you for ages but I've been reading...and I know exactly what you mean by feeling accountable...I have exactly the same feeling whenever I post about some more planned exams, training etc
    I just wanted to add, good on you for going for HOY, I believe that the world belongs to those who go for their dream...and what are goals if not dreams with a deadline :)
    I am keeping all crossed for you!