Friday, January 29, 2010

No Shows

Ah I pulled out of Gisborne in the end, it was so far to travel and I wasn't feeling that positive about the whole thing. Mostly because of the heat and the fact Kate probably isn't fit enough yet to jump a full three day show. Last year by 8.00am I would be standing on the ramp just sweating from the heat and thats before I even got on a horse, it was pretty uncomfortable.

I was supposed to go to Langdale sports day today instead, but when I went to load up, Kate had a sprung shoe, and it's not really worth it with one horse, especially as the horse I want to take is Kate rather than Connie. I have been jumping a few times at home. Connie cleared a fence that was five foot wide, just a small fence though maybe 80cm. I was just trying to get her to reach across the fence more, and she managed it quite easily. Then jumping Kate I had something of an epiphany on how to handle her hot hot hot behaviour (She luuurvves to jump). So she comes round to the fence and starts to rush and I immediately lift my hands and block her from instinct, having not ridden very hot horses. By focusing on keeping my hands lower and the check smoother, I'm getting a lot better ride to the fence (less bouncing) and a rounder shape over the fence. I'm learning so much with her because she reflects every mistake I make even the subtle ones that Connie lets me get away with.

One thing that has been troubling me though is that I'm really struggling to get Connie back in front of the leg. After Kihikihi and Gladstone she was quite strong and really taking me to the fence but now it's gotten hotter she is getting duller. She isn't as fit as she was then but she is still pretty fit. I really need to go do gallops with her I think and just get her running fit.


  1. Are you at Danneverke A&P next weekend? I'm doing Saturday-only