Monday, January 11, 2010

North Island Championships at Danniverke

Ah well what a show of up and downs. Rascal was completely dog. The only fence we jumped was the practice fence. There is a lot to be done there me thinks. Anyway, the first class on Friday was Connie in the 1.10 and she was a star. It was a big spooky track for her second 1.10m and she had a rail at the first because she was pooping but otherwise jumped really well. I had a few problems with the canter being a bit dull but it wasn't so bad that it caused any problems I had warmed up in the pelham but switched back to the snaffle after realising how fussy with her head she was following the clinic. Then Rascal came out and was eliminated at the first and subsequently scratched from the rest of the show.

I think that rattled me a lot because the next day despite a smaller and easier track, I just didn't come to the party and rode absolutely abysmally. It didn't help that Connie was feeling a bit flat, but I definitely psyched myself out and subsequently retired at the 7th fence because I was going so poorly. Poor Connie being burdened with me. I d wonder what is up with Connie though, whether the round the day before where she tried her heart out had taken a lot out of her, or whether she is getting a cold or something because the lovely canter she normally has just wasn't in existence.

I downgraded then to the 3'3" championship class instead of the 3'6" just to make sure I would ride her confidently and to make it easier for her. It was a lot better even though by the end of the round she was starting to lose the canter again and feel flat. Still she was clear. In the jump off I regretted not having front studs in as she slipped and slid a little in front which can't have helped her confidence, but I try not to use studs on her where I can because she isn't a big fan. She again jumped really well and I rode about averagely so while I can't be that excited because I don't feel we earned it, we still managed 6th out of 75 and got a super pretty wide pale pink ribbon. I have never gotten a wide before in showjumping so that was awesome. I'm sure I would be happier if I felt like I had ridden better and thus earned it, but lets be honest if I had been riding better I would have gotten more than 6th! just joking, just joking!


  1. 6th out of 75 is amazing, particularly if she was a bit tired, as it sounds. Don't worry too much or beat yourself up - just take what you can to learn from the experience.

  2. Woohoo! You posted some heights in feet and inches! Which is weird, because I was just getting used to the meters thing. Oh well. It sounds like you made some good decisions, rather than pushing your horses too hard and frustrating yourself.

    And 6th out of 75 is amazing. Way to go!

  3. AWESOME! Sounds like you rode just fine apparently! :)