Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photos from the clinic

Photos are all from the first day of the clinic. none of the pictures of Rascal show what I wasn't happy with, but you can see that Connie was behind the bridle. The problem isn't the bit because my curb rein always has slack in it.

Trotting poles to jump exercise on Rascal

Rascal down the grid

I'm not sure why I'm rising here, because we only sitting trotted, I must have been sneaking a break :)

overbent much? le sigh. At least she looks strong and fit

Connie proving her complete inability to do the trot pole to jump exercise. Mostly it looks like she can't get her legs organised. Her off hind is still way up in the air when she takes off.

Connie down the grid

This was the figure 8 exercise, you can see the other fence we turned over in the foreground to the right

First fence of the upright to oxer to upright line.


  1. I can certainly understand why you weren't happy with the training you got in the clinic, and the style of the instructor. I think it's important to keep hold of your own principles and values and if a clinician isn't consistent with those, or doesn't teach well, your opinion is valid. Too many people, I find, are slavishly subservient to clinicians and other experts, even when what they are doing is plain wrong or not effective. Good for you!

  2. Agree with Kate. There are two internationals I won't ever go back to, although some others have had good results from their teachings. and one I'd LOVE to go to having watched a clinic. The clinic has however highlighted to you what you have been doing with your horse that does work for them and you. GOod luck at your next outing.

  3. Love the photos, Connie and Rascal are looking in great nick. Shame about the clinic, it's always disappointing to finish like that. But I guess at least you know you went out and tried a different method, even if it didn't work. I have a new flatmate who SJs who was at a lesson with Meech this morning and is going back tomorrow.

  4. PS - thanks for visiting and following along!