Friday, February 5, 2010

Cellphone pic glory

Connie and Kate and Kim at the top of the neighbours farm. I'm off doing a gate probably. Check out the lather around Kates breastplate. It was Kims new adventure with the steepest hills ever apparently. I have this huge hang up about hills. Mostly going down them after I got smoked going down the hill on Fred and broke my hand. It was the only time in memory that I could remember a horse took off on me like that, in that I had absolutely no control and no ability to alter his path or nothing. So there was a really steep descent. We went through this gateway and I was like "uuhh Kim, are we just going off there?" And she was all like "yup, just of to the right a little" It was that steep that you couldn't really see the track down until you got to the edge (Nums if you are reading this, I'm taking you on this ride ok). Then it was this huge steep climb which Kate blasted up like a good TB, and Connie got halfway and then walked up because it's way too hard for little Spanish. Kim reckons I'm cured of my descent phobia now, but we will see when I have to go down hills on Bill eh.

Here are Bills grown up girl feeties. So cute! You can see the near fore deviates front the fetlock slightly inward and that the inner wall has more flare than the outer wall. The crooked look is not helped by the white stripe down her foot. She is so much happier with shoes on her fronts. I rode her today, just at the walk. It's the hardest thing I think screwing up the courage to just get on, because once you are on, it's all good. She remembers everything from last year and though a bit lazy walked around happily and well.


  1. yeah becks!! sweet photos - looks like good times all round, except for poor connie.
    Making her work up the big hill - what a meany.

  2. Hills are kind of nerve wracking for me, too. Mostly because when they are so steep that you think "Hmm, maybe I should have just led the horse down.." they are too steep to get off on, or you'll likely all topple over.

    I've been enjoying following your blog!

  3. Enjoyed my visit!