Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wellington and Horowhenua Showjumping and Showhunter Champs 2

There second classes for the day were the 1.05m for Connie and the 1.10m for Kate. It was a long wait considering that the 1m finished at like 10.30 and it was easily 4 o'clock before I rode Connie horse in the 1.05 class despite being only 15th to go. This round was better. After ridng Kate I was better able to see the forward spot. It was definitely a better ride than the morning. With the pelham (Without a curb chain) I had a lot more control but I also have t be careful that I'm kind with my hands because she does over bend in it. It's something of a catch-22. in any snaffle she sets her neck and trucks around ignoring me unless I can flex and circle her which I do when I'm schooling at home. In the pelham she stays soft in her poll and is much more obedient even in straight lines but I have to remember to let her poke her nose out.

She jumped really well, she is a super pony. I stuffed up the related distance into the double and we managed a very neat three strides in the two stride double. Luckily it was a fairly long double. Thats why her front end is so tidy above! I also need to remember that Connie now has a longer stride than 12 ft so needs to be checked down the lines. She used to always be a ride up :D Still this is all just a product of not enough ring time lately.

She jumped clean in the first round and was clean in the jump-off but not fast as I decided I would be better off having a good round rather than a fast one. As you can see the double was much better, I managed the two strides with a good jump in. The class then ran on for ages. At 6 o'clock I had pretty much given up on the 1.10m class. Then a kid had a massive fall in the 1.05m class when he jumped ahead of the horse and the horse collected the fence (last fence in the jump-off and they were hustling) and they both fell. After they waited the half an hour for the jump-off they cancelled that 1.10m class because it was too late, even if they split the class. There was a 1.10m class the next day but I know that builder builds bid tracks and I just wanted to get through the show you know. To complete each class I entered. So Kate only had that one start that day but I don't think she minded really


  1. Sounds better than the prior rounds - nice pictures, too!

  2. Yea... how do you always have great pictures? I'm jealous. I need a horse friend with a camera and nothing better to do.