Friday, February 5, 2010

Need to look forward.

So HOY is really not that far away. My entries have been confirmed which is excellent. Now i just have to hope it's doable. I don't often practise jumping at home because I'm a bit chicken, but I really do need to jump at home more to get more comfortable and to make up for the fact I only have three shows before the HOY. So thats all good, it makes me nervous thinking about HOY but it's also a really good incentive to get to work.

Rascal has been turned out. She has a pressure crack that is about an inch forward of her heel, and we have decided that this crack is not helping with her jumping. She was sound on it but as the ground gets harder she is getting more unlevel. So the farrier cut away her heel on that side so that the portion behind the crack is no longer weight bearing. This means the crack can now grow down without continuing to split. She is potentially out for four months, but with Kate and Connie probably going on holiday for a while after HOY (Though I may have to keep one ticking over to go hacking with Bill) I wont have much on when she comes back into work. I plan to do some of the Teilcey park dressage and jumping days with her over the winter and then who knows what we will do.

Bill is back in work again. Kim has been longlining her around and working with her but she has gone on a school trip so I might get on her today and start riding her again. She has a crooked front leg so she wears down the outside of her hoof too fast on that leg. So she has her first set of shoes now on her front feet. She looks so cute just like a grown up horse. She isn't a fan of the farrier so I was worried bout how she would handle being shod. But we just did a cold shoe and she was excellent. She was thinking very hard though- her ears were sideways- and initially she didn't want to move her shod foot. It must feet really strange for them.

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