Friday, February 12, 2010

Summer is over

The weather has absolutely packed up the last few days. Today is terrible. It's still muggy and raining huge rain drps sideays, so you put your wet weather gear on to stop from getting wet and as soon as you move you are just sweating. It's pretty gross really and either way you end up damp. Ihate this weather because sit around inside thinking and when I think it's bad. I have too negative of an internal voice to be sat around doing not a lot. Looking back on this season it has been a really mixed bag so far. I have missed a lot of shows due to niggly little injuries or circumstance which is a shame. I would have liked to have done at least 1.15m by now but I haven't and thats how it goes.

Connie has been not quite right on the left fore for a while and so I have been taking it easy with her and the other day I found that fetlock was slightly puffy on the inside though it didn't have any heat, and based on how she was ripping around the paddock yesterday she doesn't feel that bad. I was trying to tell if she was off but the way she was bucking it was hard to tell. I do think she possily has some puffiness in one of her hind fetlocks as well. It's a bit strange really. I'll give her some more time and see what happens and if she doesn't start improving I'll get the vet. I just have this sinking feeling that it's something not good you know. Paranoia perhaps??

So plans for the rest of the season? All of the rest of my entries have gone out- Masterton A+P, Wellington-Horowhenua SJ+ SH champs and the Wairarapa SJ+ SH show on the next three weekends. then a fortnight until Horse of the Year. I'mgoing to make something of a last dash for the Amateur class on Kate. I mean I brought Kate because she has jumped beyond these heights and they only way I'll trust her over these heights is to suck it up and jump them. The last wairarapa show has a ring 2 1.20m class that I'll have a crack at if all is going well. My only concern is Kate clears 1.10m by so much, will I be able to stay with her over 1.20m! Even if in the end I downgrade and don't do the 1.20m class, I have a nice run in at the actual HOY show. Two days of 1.10m classes, one 1.15m class and then a 1.20m class, a break day (saves money) and then the amateur class. And even if I don't jump the 1.20m before the amateur class itself, there is no reason it can't be my first one. Probably be better that way because it's 1.10m-1.20m so it will have a small first fence!

This is Kates schedule BTW, Connie isn't ready for this- even if she does come right. I realise it's still a decent ask but if you never try you never know, and like I say I can always downgrade classes. I just really want to know I made a good effort to get there and finish the season solidly. Ultimately all I can do is canter down to the fence and hope Kate clears it. She has a ton of scope, knows her job and has a superb canter. I just need to get some guts :). Now the weather needs to improve so I can do some practice.


  1. Like the picture! Hope Connie's mystery issues clear up.

  2. Super cute pic!
    I am sticking my lot to 1.10m at the moment.. just a few niggly things that make it a bit wiser to stick to the small classes. I have entered the Gamblers Stakes at HoY though - cause I love those kinds of classes.

  3. Yea it is a good picture. I may end up sticking with 1.10ms yet anyway but I feel like I should make a crack at the bigger classes.

  4. Am coming over to watch HOY ....will have to keep an eye out for you guys and cheer you on!!!

  5. It kind of blows my mind that your summer is just ending while mine won't start for several months yet. Crazy geography.

  6. wow that is a primo picture! she looks ace u look ace. I want to BE YOU in this picture!!!!