Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bill picks her own treatment protocol.

Yesterday Bill had her stitches out and she was pretty good. I had to tie up her bck leg to get the last one cut and then to pull them all out, but she didn't kick my head in so I'm stoked about that. As soon as I let her leg down and started bandaging she was as good as gold.

I wasn't sure what was going to be the plan from here. I was thinking outside in a limited arena. Rascal jumped out of the stables this morning, though jumped is an exaggeration really, it was more of a near fall and scramble. Then Connie was being a maniac and had to go out and then when Bill went out into her limited area and jumped out and spent 20 minutes charging around like a maniac. So thats, that then she can go out in that big clean paddock where she can see the others and I'll leave it open. I'm a little gutted because the hock part has bled some from the galloping, but I'll never keep a bandage on it anyway now she is galloping around. Now though the big priority is to get control of the granulating tissue and prevent proud flesh.

The treatment, though gross is effective and noninvasive. Horse fat smeared over the wound twice a day. It also helps keep the wound moist and clean. I got the horse fat off my farrier and as it doesn't seem to go off, the fact that it's eight years old doesn't matter. It does have an odd smell which I can't wash off, but as a treatment for proud flesh it's awesome.

I have built some little spars and today Kim and I spent the afternoon on Rascal and Kate jumping them. rascal took to it straight away and so I looks like Mum will be hunting her next Monday. Good times. Can't wait for Monday because then I get to turn out Connie for a couple of months now that the weather has packed up and focus on Kate. Hopefully, Bill wont be too far away from coming back into work but who knows really. One thing that is nice is that though she severed the tendon that flicks the foot forward before it lands, I haven't seen any failing in this regard. She is moving mostly normally and I haven't seen her fail to get her foot forward at all, which is strange but very very good.

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  1. Glad to hear that Bill is feeling well enough to act crazy...Hopefully she doesn't do more damage. Good Luck!