Sunday, May 16, 2010

Clipping and a big oops

The older girls are all clipped now. Connie was done a few weeks ago and Kate and Rascal were done on Friday. I'm getting much better at clipping I have to say. Connie is starting to grow her clip out already but as she will be turned out when I get sick of hunting, there isn't much point doing her again.




In much worse news Bill has gone and gotten herself quite badly injured putting a leg through the fence. She really opened up the front of the leg, severed the front tendon, and exposed the bone. The vet did an incredible job stitching her and getting the wound closed when she didn't think she would initially. Now Bill is on box rest for two weeks and bandage changes and I guess that all my work is going to go out the window with her back legs because thats going to hurt. Poor pony. I should have taken that fence down sooner, it's been on my to do list and I was so wild I tore it down while I waited for the vet.

Poor Bill is so sleepy, and of course it rains, of course it does.

Tomorrow I'll update on the hunter trials I had on the Saturday.


  1. Poor girl! Hope the leg heals up cleanly - it looks like the vet did a very good job.

  2. OMG!! The vet did a great job but poor Bill! I hope all heals well. Can't wait for the trial update!

  3. Keep that wound wrapped up even after the stitches come out, if the horse gets a chance to chew on it your healing time will get a lot longer. Young horses especially are prone to chewing on themselves. My young mare did her leg in like that. It's taken almost a year to finally close up because the vet didn't leave it wrapped up after the stitches were out and she chewed on it- killing the skin flap.

    Good luck!

  4. Sorry to hear about Bill! I hate that sickening feeling when something bad happens. Hope she has a quick recovery.