Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prestige Arrived

Well in the middle of all my dramas with Bill horse, the good news was my new saddle arrived. It's unreal how much I have learned about saddle fitting in such a short time and I'm kicking myself for not being more onto it. Especially with the Kate who is such a nice horse. Anyway, I have ridden in it twice and it's auh-mazing. So comfortable. It's the Prestige event saddle so it will be awesome for hunting in.

What was also very interesting is Kate, because Kate is a big grump and she definitely was a lot freer in front and more relaxed and just moving out more. One thing I do find strange is that she is a long necked mare anyway, and now I'm sitting in a saddle that sits close to her back, she feels even longer, there is a lot of horse in front of me and that is very reassuring. It's also nice to not have so much padding so I can feel her back moving underneath me.

It's an 18 inch saddle and I love the extra room, Kim said it feels too roomy but I love it. I feel freer to move. I guess when you have only ridden in lower end saddles, a nicely balanced saddle makes for a change. Stoked as.

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