Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day five of my incarceration

I'm tapping this message out by horse code so that I can get word out. If it wasn't demeaning enough to cart my person around on my back for no discernible reason, now I'm on some sort of lockdown. I know i have injured my leg because every time my person comes and fiddles with it, it hurts so I gently try to push her away. She is persistent though. It doesn't even hurt much though I'm not even lame. I tell you what though, it's a torture chamber in here! Needles, and dressing changes and stable wrapping and all sorts of bother. I'm not that happy with this at all, in fact it wasn't until today when I heard my person go to work that I even lay down for the first time. I didn't feel that comfortable though, the walls are awfully close. I probably wouldn't have if that lazy fat Rascal hadn't done it first.

You know what was even worse? They were trying to poison me, putting yucky stuff in my food, so I stopped eating it. I tried to hide it by tipping it out in my bedding, but she was onto me pretty sharp and now she squirts it down my throat twice a day. Blerk! Though the apple sauce she mixes it in is nice.

It's not all bad though, my person keeps up an ample supply of nice hay, and water and even picks up my poops! I'm pooping heaps more now haha! That will show her for the needles. I even get hand grazed on lots of lush grass for 20 minutes a day which is nice. I try not to lift my head for that whole time and cram as much in as I can. And now she doesn't put any poisons in my foods, I'm starting to pick at a bit of lurcerne again. And she isn't giving me the Bute anymore because she thought it might be too hard on my tummy, I'm just getting devils claw and yucca, which is still a bit yuccy! Ha see what I did there?

And she has a rotation policy for the other horses so that they get plenty of time out, and I get to hang out with a different horse every day. Connie was the worst companion, man she was obsessed with getting out. All she did was dig holes and try and knock the gate down. That made my person pretty cross! She says she shouldn't have spoiled Connie so much and then she pretty much ignored her antics and Connie sort of gave it up, unless she could see the other horses getting foods and then she started trying to knock down the gates again! I was a lot happier having a buddy though, I'm not making bedding soup in stable anymore.

Then Rascal came in, and she was all like it's about time I got the service I deserve. All that hay! Two meals a day! Well that's the life for me! She evn got down and a big sleep! What a lazy mare. Rascal sounds like a pig when she whickers and thats pretty funny. I'm staying with Kate tonight. She pretty much isn't interested in me, because she is the alpha and she is aloof. Still it's better than being here alone. Its only for two weeks apparently and then my stitches can come out. That sounds painful too! And another dressing change tomorrow. I try make it difficult by picking my leg up and down, but like I said she is persistent.

Anyways, I need to eat more hays.
Please get me out of here