Wednesday, February 9, 2011

D Day

I'm so sorry to those people that read this blog. I had really good intentions of writing some interesting posts about various aspects of my beloved sport such as rider weight in showjumping and some other stuff, but life wont stop coming at me too fast lately and I'm slightly overwhelmed.

In two hours we are set off for the ferry and really the whole thing is ridiculous. It's going to work a lot more expensive than if I had just gone to taihape, but then what price do you put on a new adventure? I'm worried the horses wont sail well and that thetrip is going to take too much out of them. They were both absolute headcases to ride today which doesn't make me more positive, though Connie does jump cleaner when she is feeling a bit mad. Still copious amounts of mycotoxin binder went into teir feds tonight so that should make them a bit saner.

It's the final run down now to the end of the season. It's Nationals, Masterton A+P, Foxton, Series finals at Taranaki and then HoY. No time at all really and it's all over for another season. I have ambitiously entered 1.25m classes at HoY but in all liklihood I'll downgrade these. It's just a lot easier to pay the money now rather than later. I am basically flat broke. These last entries have wiped me ot. HoY was ridicuously expensive and was nearly a fortnights wages which had me weeping into my cornflakes, but it's HoY and I really want to go.

Better go try and grab a few hours sleep before we leave, because the seas is rough I will probably spend te next three hours throwing up. Wish me luck :)


  1. Have a great trip and enjoy yourself!

  2. Your blog is very readable. I just wish my vacuum cleaner sucked as hard as my blog does.