Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nationals- home again

Unfortunately when you travel far away for something you always have to come home. The next morning we packed up early and went to Goldengrove stud and watched some really flash horses free jumping. This was chewing into our time though so my friend and I went to pick up her broodmare while the others stayed watching. It took ages to catch the mare and while my friend was hobbling the mares back legs (She is a kicker) Connie pinned her ears and the mare lashed out with the other back leg catching my mate in the face. Not Cool! I had to hobble the mare and then drive her massive truck while the pain killers kicked in and she got the swelling under control. She was ok but has a hell of a shiner. With all this drama we were late for checking into the ferry and the horses never got a break. Still the horses were parked on the deck so would get plenty of airflow.

Drinking bubbles with Scooby to celebrate Scooby's wake and leaving the south Island

On the trip back we decided (well mostly my friend who hadn't had a great show) that Scooby was a bad luck mascot and that we couldn't take the bad luck back to us with to the North Island (Though I think I have bad karma from this based on this weekend!) And that we would throw him from the boat. We brought bubbles for valentines day/ leaving the south/ Scooby's wake and they were delicious. These were followed up with margaritas until the sea got rough and I just lolled over my chair being queasy. I get terrible motion sickness. The proof of the roughness of the trip was the number of little nicks off of the horses heads poor babies.

The truck parked on the deck of the Ferry

We arrived at my mates place the about 11pm and the horses were so grateful to be in the boxes and stuffing their faces and having a big drink. I went home for milking and came and got my girls the next day but I'm told they had a huge play when they were turned out at midday. It was really good to be home.

Scooby says goodbye before he gets hiffed overboard.

So the shows that remain- Masterton A+P was this weekend, then Foxton next weekend, followed by Hawera the weekend after and then two weeks until HoY, though I may skip Hawera if they jump well at Foxton. Also Sprinklerbandit I want to say that yes I don't have a trainer and sometimes I have to warm-up myself and that but often (Especially if it's an important class) my friend will warm me up and she is a guru so she helps me a lot with sage advice and when I'm feeling chicken she makes me. I feel it's important to agknowledge how much help she gives me.


  1. I feel so excited for you!!! You are seriously getting some good momentum going!!!

  2. bummer about scoobie......bubbles are a nice way to pass the time....hope the horses stay behaving