Monday, February 28, 2011

Wellington and Horowhenua SJ and SH Championships

So this weekend I was at yet another show. I was there by myself though so not only was warming up interesting (A few times I went from a crossrail to a 1.15m fence depending on what was set up) but I don't have any photos. Sorry about that, I really wish I had some video because it was a good show.

Anyway the first class up was the 1.10m with Kate. We had a pretty good round and she was really not looky which was nice, because it proves that it was the oat chaff that was the issue. Had a tidy jump-off and was third in division 1. The class was 127 horses so they divide the class into two divisions. In either division I would have had the same placing based on my time. Well done Kate big pats for you.

The next class was Connie in her very first 1.20m class. I was very very very nervous and it was a reasonably sized track. I didn't have to worry though. I rode the best round of my life I think and gave her a fabulous ride and she just jumped super fabulous. Bold and confident, not over jumping but never even touching a rail. I had a clear round and went pretty quick in the jump-off to finish 6th in the second division. (98 horses in this class). I couldn't have been happier, I was so rapt.

Then Kate came out in the same class. There was deep pit on the landing side of the warm up fences and being alone I couldn't move them so I didn't get a very good warm-up. I jumped it once and we nearly fell on landing so that was it really. Now Kate and Connie are very different and I actually find it a little hard going from horse to horse. Connie is very laid back and quiet so I have to make the canter to get down the related lines. Then I get on Kate who can be a bit strong and who is quite forward and I always overestimate our canter. So in the five stride line to the double even though I had a good jump in I didn't make the distance because I sat up and held instead of just letting her canter down to the double. She stopped and I fell. So the day worked out as two ribbons and a fall.

The next day Kate was late entered into the 1.10m Championship class (Probably should have done the 1.20m but thats ok) She jumped really well and I didn't ride a good round in the jump-off and had a rail there. The Amateur was a fairly big track which is good. Connie jumped awesome, but after fence 2 I let my canter fall apart and circled off of fence three because I just didn't have the canter. On re-approach she jumped really well and apart from the four faults for the circle and a time fault she jumped clear. On Kate I made sure to ride more forward and consistently and to make all my related lines and despite having to ride up one of them, it was my best round on Kate, I just had just a rail. I am the master of four fault rounds in the amateur classes. Still as a show it was a good one. Next weekend it's Hawera for series finals and then 10days later it's Horse of the Year and then I get a break from Showjumping which I think I'm actually looking forward to a bit.


  1. Those are huge classes. You did an amazing job!

  2. Congrats! I'll look out for you at the hawera show.

  3. Well done what an awesome show. I am meant to be writing for judges or picking up poles at the Hawera show so will keep an eye out for you....will come say hi

  4. Well done! 3rd out of 127 is amazing.

  5. Hey there just thought I'd say it was nice to meet you in person. I came looking for you where you said but didn't know what your truck looked like and couldn't see you so maybe next time. You did well considering the shocking wet ground.Good luck for tomorrow