Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Practice Day

So I was really nervous about this stupid practice day. It's sort of the first public event of the season and the first chance to see where everyone is at. It doesn't help that I come from a small pretty cliquey gossipy region. It's not too much of an issue for me because I'm too poor for most people to bother about but you know they are talking about you and how your horses went. That being said all of my horses greatly surprised me. I thought they would be ok but they were off the hook. they all jumped confidently, and well. Kate felt bold and keen again after her knee getting fixed. Connie was awesome. Rascal started a little looky but finished so strongly. When I lunged Bill she was a maniac- all arched neck and floaty trot and snorting but she actually rode really well.

I went out with the goal of jumping each horse the height of their first class. That meant a nice 1.10m oxer on Kate/ 90cm-1m on Rascal and 1.10m on Connie. I was surprised because my eye is still pretty good. Obviously everything is not as smooth as it was at the end of the last season but I haven't lost too much ground over winter and feel a lot happier about the show next weekend after this practice day. I love it. I love this sport. I love my mares. They were some of the nicest schooled horses there, they are fit shiny and blooming with health. Maybe finally some of the years of toil will pay off and this season I'll ride at the level I want to be riding at. Last year was a good season but my lead into the season was fraught with injuries and abscesses while this year so far, fingers crossed it stays this way, I have had a relatively smooth run in. I only want to be a grand prix rider, thats not such a big thing is it? Lol! I believe it will all pay off that the work I'm putting in will be of value. Anyway, on to many many pictures.


Unfortunately there are no jumping pictures of Bill but I jumped over a few things and she was really good. Hopefully I'll fill this up next week. She is ready to start jumping higher and out of the canter. And some photos of her lunging like a mad arab with her tail all flagged up.


This is the 1.10m oxer so that I know I can jump her that high. She felt amazing, so rapt it feels like she is back in the game. Long may it last.


This is the second element of the double- somewhere in te 1.25m-1.30m range. Go Connie!

A lovely example of how if you get behind the movement you can't catch up. I'm behind the movement and have shut down her back end. I guess I didn't really trust she would leave the ground. I need to trust this horse.

Opening up behind- good back end again over a 1.20m upright

So I feel like I have basically done all I can and bring on the show this weekend. Fingers crossed and toes it goes my way. Really though I just need to focus and ride well and my girls will do it for me as long as I'm in the game.


  1. Great pictures - they all look great and so do you! Good luck at the show.

  2. Your horses look amazing! I like Rascal.

  3. What a great lead up to the season. Your horses are all looking great.

  4. You look great!! Connie especially. Nice riding on some very nice mares.

  5. All your horses look great, especially Connie, she's so pretty and she has a great jump!
    Sounds like you had a great day!!
    Good luck for the show!!